Safety & Care

All articles are manufactured according to DIN EN 12586. Materials are selected according to the requirements of DIN EN 71-3 (standard for migration of certain elements from toys/toy material).

Safety instructions

  • Check all products before each use. Throw it away immediately at the first sign of damage or defects!
  • Do not use the products for any purpose other than the intended one!
  • The pacifier holder must not be used as a toy or teething ring!
  • A pacifier chain serves as an accessory and is not a toy!
  • The length of the pacifier chain is limited to a maximum of 22 cm (without attachment clip/including cord).
  • Always attach the pacifier holder to the worn clothing!
  • The pacifier chain must not be used without a pacifier!
  • Do not attach any heavy objects to it!
  • Never extend the pacifier chain or attach it to straps, ribbons or loose parts of clothing! Attention: Danger of strangulation!
  • All colors used are non-toxic, sweat and saliva resistant and free of harmful substances!
  • The metal parts used are nickel and rust free!
  • The wooden clips are equipped with ventilation holes!
  • The cords used have a high tensile strength!
  • Saliva can soften the wooden materials and a loss of color is also unavoidable. This is not a reason for complaint and is not a danger for the child. The safety is not affected by this!
  • Use the pacifier chain only under the direct supervision of an adult!
  • Do not leave your child with the pacifier holder/gripper unattended!
  • Do not use the pacifier holder when your child is in the crib, playpen or cradle!
  • Metal bells on graspers pose an increased risk of injury from edges when biting on them. Do not let the child play with it unsupervised. Do not use the grasper/motor chain as a teething ring, but as a motor toy!
  • The light of the baby mobile serves as a still light, feeding light and changing light, it is not suitable for continuous operation.
  • If personalization is desired on the pacifier chain, stroller chain, griffin, Maxicosi pendant, beads are replaced by letter beads, the color concept remains!


Safety instructions for stroller chains and mobiles

ATTENTION! Stroller chains and mobiles are used for visual stimulation and should therefore be fastened out of your child's reach. Due to choking hazards caused by small parts that can be swallowed, the stroller chain and mobile must not be given directly to the child to play with and as soon as your child starts to sit up, they must be removed.



  • Suitable cleaning method: wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use chemical detergents for cleaning.
  • Do not boil products.
  • Do not store the product in extreme humidity or temperature.
  • The pacifier holder/gripper does not belong in the dishwasher or sterilizer.
  • Please store in a dry, dust-free and hygienic place.
  • Hand wash the knitted and crocheted products at 30°degrees.


Every parent or guardian is responsible for carrying out regular checks on the products to ensure safety!

We expressly point out that we do notkeine assume liability for any kind of risks arising in connection with improper use of the articles. All possible accidents (strangulation, swallowing, suffocation, etc.) can be prevented by the perception of the supervisory duty of the legal guardians!