Baby Mobile 3in1 "TED STONE"
Baby Mobile 3in1 "TED STONE"


Baby Mobile 3in1 "TED STONE"

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The lovingly designed 3in1 Baby Mobile are precision handcrafted in our own manufactory.

Every baby begins to explore his new environment from the day of birth. So it's nice to have a mobile to look at. Depending on where you position it, your baby will want to reach out for it, already it has stimulated creativity and additionally promotes three-dimensional vision.

Our mobiles are not only characterized by their great design, but also have two useful functions that are perfectly coordinated with each other and make the baby mobile in its shape and texture so unique.

Listening to the melody (La-Le-Lu) creates a harmonious mood, soothes the newborn and is pleasantly rocked to sleep. By repeating the melody, your baby can also get used to this little relaxing ritual before bedtime. The melody is played by simply winding the cord.

Many parents also know that with newborns the nights rarely pass without interruption, by a short press on the LED light, the changing, feeding and nursing light provides comfortable lighting conditions and offers orientation at night.

Thanks to the power supply via batteries, the light also does not require a socket within reach and annoying cables are also avoided.

The top end has been looped, you can attach it to any mobile mount, canopy bed rail or even anywhere in the baby room. 

The hand-crocheted motifs will make your baby smile and the 3in1 Baby Mobile will become the favorite of your newborn.